Graduation is special moment and I am waiting for it even since I first came into my Institute 😀 I already collected several graduation speech since long time ago, several of them, I got from the movie I love and then the others, I got from Steve Jobs, Oprah, Ellen even Jeff Bezos ( Amazon founder and CEO ) … Thank you very much, Youtube ..

Happy Graduation Day

I am going to share it with all of you, the messages that they try to convey, through this post :

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

He just passed away several months ago 😦 He taught us about 3 stories through this video. First about Connecting The Dots. He believed that everything that already happened in his life just like many dots and all he did just connected it. He taught to us how to see his past histories as many dots, and he believed that everything that already happened in the past, all of those dots, built his future. Second about Love and Lost. He shared to us, how he loved Apple and ever lost  Apple once ( got fired ), then he found a way to got Apple back several years later. He taught to us to find what we love as soon as possible, when we can’t just keep looking !!!

The third, he taught us about Death. Remembering that he will death soon, motivate him to find something useful for this universe. Then he got cancer, he conveyed a message which I called as ‘ super quote ‘ and whenever I down, this quote can help me to find me back to the right track :

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. —Steve Jobs

Oprah Winfreys 2008 Stanford Commencement Address

You know Oprah, I know Oprah 😀 Oprah shared a story to all of us that long time a go when she was young, even she already had job as anchor and had her own tv shows, already famous everywhere, her father keep pushed her to finish her diploma degree.

Then she realized that what her father want to teach was ‘ the beautiful thing of learning ‘. Graduation is just the beginning, after graduate we will come into the real university which will teach us many lessons and our life is just like a classroom.

Beautiful ..

” Every right decission I’ve ever made has come from God, every wrong decission was a result of me not listening the greater voice in my self ” – Oprah.

” When you don’t know what you do, get still, until you know what to do ” – Oprah

” Trust your heart and success will come to you ” – Oprah

” In every failures, every difficulties, I asked, ‘ What is this here to teach me ?? ‘ a nd as soon as I got the lesson, I will move on ” – Oprah

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulanes 2009 Commencement Speech

This one is my favourite because Ellen always can make everything feel so fun 😀 She didn’t know what commencement meant but she immediately said Yes, when Tulanes asked her to give a commencement speech 😀 Then all graduates laugh .. Hehe .. a great ice breaking ..

She shared that in the past, she didn’t had any ambitions and idea about ‘ what she is going to do after she graduated ‘ ..

Then she taught to us about her experience as a lesbian. She decided to be her self that time and told people that she is a lesbian then she lost her career. It was her bad time … but it was okey for her because the most important she know who she was .. she wasn’t tell a lie .. she just want to be her self ..

” Be truth to your self  .. Everything will just fine ” – Ellen

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos delivers graduation speech at Princeton University

Jeff Bezos, through the video, taught as about the difference between a gift and a choice. Cleverness is a gift and kindness is a choice. When he decided to out from his job and created Amazon, his wife who also a Princeton’s student like him, supported him to do that.

He made that decission just to follow his passion. Tomorrow, all graduates will start a new life. What will graduates choose ? Will graduates follow the dogma or be original ?

” When you are 80 years old in a quite moment, You will realize that in the end, we are our choices. So build a great story ” – Jeff Bezos

Ok, after listen to those people, what do you feel ? Hehe .. now, I will show you another graduation speech from movie that also I had collected since long time ago :

Rory Graduates From Chilton (3.22 Those Are Strings Pinocchio

This is from Gillmore Girls, one of my favourite Tv series 🙂 The scene when Rory gave her speech after on her graduation day at Chilton. She lived in two worlds  one is the world of books, she knew about Napoleon, Martin Luther , etc and her second world full with real characters like her grandmother, her grandfather, her mother, etc ..

She always talked to her mother that she want to be many public figures but then she realized that all she want to be is just be like her mother who already be her biggest inspiration so far .. Nice ..

Troys Graduation Speech [High School Musical 3]

This also from one of favourite move, High School Musical. Troy, my favourite character in this movie, gave his graduation speech .. Take a look :

High school musical is a great movie, probably I will post more about it in this blog as soon as possible 🙂 Troy said on his graduation speech, he glad that his high school gave him and his friends many opportunities to break the status quo .. transform to the person that they want to be ..

For example, like Troy, who choose to be a basketball player and also an actor. Then his friends who choose to be a basketball player who also can make a good Crème brûlée .. Once a wildcat .. always a wildcat .. Hehe ..

Graduation speech in Twilight Eclipse

Hehe .. I am sure all of you still remember about it. Yes, it is graduation speech from ‘ Twilight – Eclipse ‘ when Jessica gave her graduation speech on their graduation day ..

Good point from Jessica .. that graduation not time to do the right thing, that is time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train, change our mind and change it again, make many mistakes as we can, then someday when there’s someone ask ‘ What we wanna be ‘ .. we don’t need to guess and we will know ..

So .. Who is going to speech on my Graduation Day ?

We will see it later .. Happy 104 ..