Detective Conan Live Action 1 and 2

I was so excited, when I knew there were ‘ Detective Conan Live Action Movie 1 ‘ and ‘ Detective Conan Live Action Movie 2 ‘ … I watched these two movies several years ago, during my bachelor degree ..

As you know, from my previous post ( click here ), I am a fans of Detective Conan / Shinichi Kudo and also Detective Sherlock Holmes. I read its comics and its books .. Hehe .. most of them .. that is why, I also collected these live action movies πŸ™‚ Actually, even until now, I still feel weird when the comic character came into the real one like these :

Shinichi Kudo ..

Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri

Ai Haibara


Kogoro Mouri


Professor Agasa

Inspector Megure

Gin and Vodca


Hmm ..

Detective Conan Live Action Movie 1 is about Shinichi’s story, before he transform into Conan Edogawa. Shinichi got a challenge letter and then he must save his classmates, Sonoko and Ran, in a certain time. Then Detective Conan Live Action Movie 2 is also about Shinichi’s story, after he got medicine from Ai Haibara, he can transform from Conan to Shinichi temporary … just to solve a case … both of them .. I wrote its summary, just click here .. Detective Conan Live Action Movie 1 – 2

Hmm .. although Oguri Shun is good looking, but Shinichi’s cases are more interesting and more challenging in comic πŸ˜€ Good enough and entertaining ..