Having a sister who is 8 older than you is kind of fun .. Hehe .. that makes you know everything earlier than your true age 😛 For example, since me as an elementary students, my sister already introduced me to a cinema .. watch together at cinema 😀

My big sister and I have totally different favourite genre movie 😀 She likes thriller, just like my mother .. I got influence sometimes, “ I Know What You Did Last Summer “, “ Scream “, “ Urband Legend “ .. those are several nostalgic movies between me and my big sister 😀 One day, I forgot what movie I watched that time with my big sister, but I remember that I saw this trailer :

Step Mom – 1998


I decide, for the first time, to watch that movie .. then I know, for the first time, I am not only love thriller, not only love kid’s movie or cartoon, but also love to watch drama and teenager movie 😀 I also fall in love with Julia Robert’s acting in this movie .. then I began to watch most of Julia Robert’s movies .. kind of getting obsess with every Julia Robert’s movie character .. Hehe ..

Like this one .. Step Mom .. Julia Robert here played as Isabel, the step mother 😀 I like to watch her as a photographer here who try hard to make balance her job and also her time for her step childrens .. she loves Luke in this movie, and to understand Luke’s world, Isabel tries to win Jackie’s heart ( Ex Luke’s Wife ) .. tries to win childrens’s heart, Ben and Anna .. until she did it .. Yes, Luke finally propose her and she officially become part of family 😀 😀

Try to win Jackie’s Heart

Try to win Ben-Anna’s Heart ..

Got Luke’s heart – A Propose ..


Hmm … the story is begun with Isabel’s activities in the morning with her two step children. Anna is the girl who always ‘ welcome ‘ Isabel with some of cynicism … and then Ben, a boy, Anna’s little brother, who always play around .. those kids are enough to make Isabel busy until their mother, Jackie, arrives to pick them up ..

After those activities, Isabel has go to the her office to set a photo session. Yes, Isabel is a photographer .. and the first time I like this movie was happened when I saw this photography’s scene :-D, Although the gadget has expired now, the floppy, the software to edit photo .. but the way Isabel edited in this movie is impressive ..


Move to Jackie, Jackie is spending time with her children on the other days, except weekend. Jackie keep try to explain about relationship between their father and Isabel. Their father, Luke, has divorced with Jackie .. He is getting start to date with Isabel now … Isabel lives in Luke’s apartement, then Ben and Anna have to spend with them on weekend ..

Jackie and Isabel are two kind different mother. Jackie is typical full house mom, she can sew, cook, and always have time to share about everything with Ben and Anna. Then, Isabel is typical modern mom, busy with her job as a photographer, she prefer to buy food than cook it, she arranges her house as simple as she can do and time to share with Ben and Anna, she have to do it in the middle of her job .. for example, she brings Ben and Anna to hang out together, buy them ice cream, meanwhile she has to finish her job, do some photo sessions at Central Park Castle ..


One day, Luke proposes Isabel and asks Isabel to marry with him .. off course Isabel say ” Yes ” .. this is a beautiful propose, Luke use string and ring as media .. simple but sweet ..


Then .. Jackie got cancer .. Yes, too bad her cancer is already reach end – stage 😐 Even her doctor said, that better than do some medical treatments at foreign country, use the time well to spend the rest of her life with her family .. Ben and Anna shock, Luke and Isabel sad ..

Jackie realized that she will dead soon, so Jackie getting start to train Isabel as the next mother for Anna and Ben 😀 Jackie shares about all stories and memories and Isabel listen to her seriously, try to understand more and more about Anna and Ben ..

Kind of fun when Anna has a crush with a boy, Brad Kovitsky, unfortunately, Brad didn’t give any good response to her 😐 Then Jackie let Isabel to help Anna about it .. Isabel hire a model, a highschool and good looking one, to pretend as Anna’s new boyfriend just to make Brad got jealously .. it works .. it works … but to set up this scenario, Isabel has to resign from her office … Yes, finally, Isabel decides to be full time mother for Anna and Ben ..

Jackie ask Isabel to create a Christmas’s project together . Jackie want Isabel help her to take some new pics, Jackie, Ben and Anna 😀 Yes, then, Jackie start spend time with her childrens and Isabel capture that moment on her camera one by one .. sweet .. after took so many pictures, Jackie sew a coat for Ben and a blanket for Anna which are full with those memories .. full with those picture .. cute ..

This movie has a good ending … Yapz .. in the end, Isabel is officially be a part of that family .. Anna .. Ben .. Jackie .. and off course Luke finally accept her after loooong process .. Haha .. Sweet .. Happy Ending ..


Step Mom 1998 – 2

From someone you can’t live with, Become someone you can’t live without “

Nice movie ..