I watched Julia Roberts’s movie from VCD to DVD, I saw many places through her movies, but what I love the most is “ Eat Pray Love “ because it took place in Bali, Indonesia :

PIC “ VCD Step Mom .. DVD Eat Pray Love “

Eat Pray Love is a good movies, it talks about someone whose name is Liz, the one who are trying hard to find back herself, her life purpose and God. To find all of those things, Liz leaves everything she has, her family, her friends and her job .. she decides to travel around three places, which are Italy, India and Indonesia .. Bali is in Indonesia .. triple “ I “ 😀


Ok .. Julia Roberts here played as Elizabeth Gilbert, or Liz 🙂 She come to Bali, to meet Ketut Liyer .. kind of spiritual teacher .. and Ketut said, ” Looking this world not by your head, but by your heart ”

Six month later, Liz is a novelist, she has a good life, a good job, a good friend also dating some guys, whose name are Stephen, and David. Suddenly, Liz decides to live all of those things to find her life purpose .. Liz pray, ” I don’t know what to do, God .. Please, I need an answer .. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it “

Liz decides to travel to three places, in order to find her self, her life purpose, her God and her peace. Those three places are Italy, India and Bali, Indonesia … Wow .. Indonesia .. Julia Roberts in Indonesia … I adore her since VCD to DVD, and around 2009 and 2010, Julia Roberts truly came to Indonesia .. that was amazing ..

Liz arrives in Italy, she is going to spend her time in Italy for couple of weeks. In Italy, Liz meets a new friend, Sofi – Swedish, who help Liz to get a cup of coffee and a cake which is called Napoleon 😀 In Italy, with Sofi, Liz spent her most of time to eat .. looks like an Italian loves to eat so much .. Hehe .. actually, Italy is my favourite part .. Yumm .. Yumm ..

I love a scene when Liz said to Sofi, ” I am in love, I am having relationship with my pizza “

Next trip .. India .. Liz said, ” I come to India to get some peace ” 😀 In India, Liz has been taught to do meditation .. kind of fun .. It is very hard for Liz to get focus and concentrate :-D, Liz meets Tulsi, a young girl who is going to marry a man, but Tulsi is not happy at all with her wedding .. Hmm .. Tulsi is a young girl from India who makes Liz questioning, ” What is happiness ?? This is her wedding, everyone happy apart from her ” ..

Then Liz also meets Richard from Texas, the one who taught to her to forgive her self in order to get focus in meditation. ” Liz, just forgive yourself … Everything will take care of it self ” .. Liz gets better, she can do meditation, she can find peace and even she find her own concept .. Liz, ” God dwells within me as me .. no need to pretend to be someone else just to get attention from God, just be our selves and become the best of it .. God already knew because God is the one who already created us “

Next destination .. Bali, Indonesia !!! Liz come to see Ketut Liyer, in the beginning Ketut forgot who Liz is, but then Ketut remember .. Hehe .. Ketut said in funny expression, ” You .. You .. I remember you ! You sad girl from New York .. You Liz .. You come back .. You .. You .. You ” 😀 Ketut said that now, Liz looks like happier and more peaceful, Liz said, might be it is because her meditation in India ..

In Bali .. I love to scene all scenes when Julia Roberts was riding her bike around, So beautiful .. we can see fresh view .. green .. green .. Yapz, proudly presents .. that is my country, Indonesia .. Bali ..

In Bali – 1

In Bali – 2

Liz meets someone whose name is Felipe in Bali .. afer loooong process, Liz and also Felipe become new couple .. Sweet 🙂 Conclusion, in Italy .. Liz EATS a good food .. in India, Liz learn how to PRAY to God, she find her God and how to communicate with God .. and in Bali, Indonesia, Liz found LOVE .. he is Felipe .. I love the ending when Julia Roberts said, ” Terima Kasih ” .. Hmm .. another good movies from Julia Roberts ..