Hello Friends ..

Long time no blog .. Hehe .. I am going to move to another site, I’ll let u know then for sure, so I will close this blog with last post. Ok, I created this blog was for doing homework .. practice English .. and yesterday, I already gave this blog to my teacher as her birthday present .. I was writting in this blog for almost one year .. long homework, isn’t it ??

I said to my teacher that I don’t know what kind of birthday present I should buy, but all I know is teacher will be happy if their student do well their homework .. so I did ..


She answered : ” Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. And congratulations for doing your homework. I’m impressed. “

Let me give her a report card .. Haha .. as a student I also want to give report card as well to teacher sometimes, so I did ..


Thank you to all visitors and see you again at different site and different post 🙂

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Homework ??? Done .. Time to holiday .. End of the year ..

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