About Me :

Hello Friends ..

My name is Nucifera Diahpangastuti. I am third in line of four daughters from Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Haribowo, Ms. and Hj. Martu Mastuti ..

I grew up in Surabaya, in a small house which is called ” B1 – 12 ” ( B – One – Twelve ) with so much stories .. so much love .. so much memories .. priceless ..

I used to call my self as a Programmer and a Food Lover but in this 2012, I am planning to let go all of those attachments and enjoying my life ..

Hmm ..

I am not a good reader but in 2011 I had beautiful experience after joint in a Facebook class – English with Mbak Desi Anwar. Probably it will sound too dramatic but one book already changed my life ..

I am going to share with all of you. Hopefully you will get something while reading this blog ..


Nucifera Diahpangastuti


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